CSL Teen Advisor Training in New Jersey

CSL Teen Advisor Training in New Jersey

While the Youth and Family program obviously focuses primarily on the youth, it’s important to make sure the adults are taken care of, too. So, the first weekend in June, three women from CCSL headed up to CSL North Jersey to attend the Northeast region Teen Advisor Training. The training consisted of some major pieces: the mission of CSL Teens, tips for effective facilitation of workshops, information on being a mandated reporter, suicide awareness and prevention, and recognition of the emerging terms to describe the gender and sexuality spectrum, and actual practice facilitating workshops. I had been to advisor training twice before, but for those who hadn’t, practicing facilitating workshops that had already been proven successful was a great way to get their feet wet in the world of working with teens. But the other pieces are vital too: it’s incredibly important to be aware of the legal aspects of working with youth, as well as how best to keep them safe and protected, whether it’s using their correct preferred pronouns or talking to authorities if they’re contemplating suicide or self-harm.

As an advisor who came up through the teen program, this training and the CSL Teens organization itself hold a special place in my heart. I know that for me, going to CSL teen camp and having teen group at home, and taking leadership roles in both of those, really was a big part of forming my thoughts about myself and the world. The unconditional love I felt from my peers was very different from the environment of school and extracurriculars: and while the latter two were fun, there’s just something different about a huge group of teenagers who truly believe that they’re all one, that everyone is worthy of love and acceptance, and that personal self empowerment through spiritual awakening (the focus of CSL Teens) is something they wanted to spend time and energy on. When we did a visualization at advisor training that involved envisioning being on the bus pulling onto the camp grounds, I couldn’t help but cry. The feeling of returning to that place of joy and love is a strong one.

So, now we’ve got three trained advisors that are ready to bring that “camp bubble” to the regular teen meetings and youth program at CCSL: to share that message of self empowerment through spiritual awakening, and to present the principles of the Science of Mind and the steps of treatment in a way that’s relatable and fun for youth. And being a solid foundation and a great example for the youth of the movement is a big job, but I think we’re up to the task. Living life in principle and accepting the teens and youth right where they are is a great place to start.

– Leah Pekofsky, CCSL Teen Advisor


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