A Recipe for Yummy Prayers

A Recipe for Yummy Prayers

One of our amazing members, Jenna Pekofsky, recently took an online course called “The Power of Your Word” and created this amazing “Recipe” as her final project.

Affirmative PRayer, also known as Spiritual Mind Treatment, is our form of Spiritual Practice rooted in the principles of the Science of Mind and Spirit. This is a great reminder that we can be as creative as we want when it comes to prayer because what matters most is the inspiration it gives us to live our principles every day.

Jenna has been gracious enough to share it with us all and we hope you find it as spiritually delicious as we did!

Recipe For Spiritual Mind Treatment


InfiniteCalories: Zero, but with complete spiritual nourishment
Total Prep time: Enough meditation to feel fully connected to Source
Total Cooking time: 30 seconds – However long it takes


1 intention or purpose
1 individual expression of the Divine (you)
A few deep feelings of love, peace, and connectedness
A handful of words that have meaning to you- positive, affirmative
A generous amount of deep spiritual conviction and confident anticipation
A heaping dollop of Gratitude
Faith that the Universe is always saying yes to your best and highest good (for garnish)


  1. Take the Individual expression of the Divine and place it in a quiet, peaceful place. Truly, it

    can be in any environment, but make sure it has enough space to breathe and get centered.

  2. Marinate in the deep feelings of love, peace, and connectedness. Use whichever words feel

    most powerful in knowing that there is only one power, it is all there is, and really incorporate

    that into the individual. The longer the marinade stays in contact with it, the deeper the flavor. It

    should be as if the marinade and ingredient are one.

  3. Add in the intention or purpose of the spiritual mind treatment- the protein or main

    ingredient, if you will. Mix thoroughly and place over a bed of deep spiritual conviction and

    confident anticipation of your good. Use as many words as you like, but keep it simple and

    straightforward. Always check your words to make sure you remove negative stems and seeds.

  4. Drizzle gratitude over the rest of the ingredients- Allow it drip between every crack and

    crevice, to fully round out the flavors. Be generous with the amount. The dish should already be

    looking delicious at this point.

  5. Sprinkle the faith on top- the recipe is already done! Feast to your heart’s content, knowing

    that your whole being is nurtured and held in love.

*Recipe Note: Like all good recipes, improvisation and personalization make for the most
delicious and satisfying result. Each time you have a new main ingredient, you can substitute
that for the purpose or intention- it will still work every time.

*You can make this recipe for yourself any time, and also to share with others who ask for
some spiritual food. Be sure to alter the words and pronoun spices to fit treating for another
person. When in doubt, “The Best and Highest Good” is a great main course to share with

[Recommended additions to the marinade: Music, Yoga, Nature Walks, or Snuggling a Pet.]



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