“We are Co-creators” by Jamie Cole

"We are Co-creators" by Jamie Cole
Oh October. This is a fun month to be a student of New Thought. Why? Because, at least here in Maryland, there are brilliant, vibrant examples of Gods work all around. Nature is literally letting go and letting God, preparing itself for the winter months.
Here at Oneness, October means studying our tenth new thought spiritual principal, “Humanity Creates in the Likeness of God”.  Yesterday, Reverend Brian started this month off by speaking about humanity having access to the intelligence of the Universe. We always have access to this divine creative source, and we ALL have access to this power.
This week we will continue our exploration by asking, “What’s in a Measure?” While we now recognize that we are powerful co-creators made in the likeness and image of God, we must also know that we do not wield ALL of God’s power. From the words of Reverend Brian, “We will explore what it means to be a mighty moving power of God without falling into the trap of thinking we’re the whole of God Itself.”
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