“Many Paths, One Journey” by Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

"Many Paths, One Journey" by Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

It is often said that we all want the same things: to have peace of mind, loving relationships, solid financial income and a life joyfully lived with purpose and meaning. But what if that is not true?

Well, we can all agree, that there are Many Paths to take in which to release what stands in the way of setting a clear vision of who we are, and what we believe we can achieve or attain.

This month we’re exploring the idea of One Journey, using the basic principles of the Science of Mind Teaching to first attain a state of self-empowerment. We begin by understanding how to act as an individualization of Spirit and then, using our powers of observation, we tend our mindset towards self-reliance and the authentic expression of our individuality.

In the end, we know our common spiritual ground is our inherent birthright of freedom, and our common ground of worldly desire, is ultimately, the expression of that freedom.

Join us on Facebook, Sunday, February 28th, at 10:00AM ET, as we conclude this month’s theme with Dr. Nadene’s talk entitled, “Dissolving Our Defenses.”


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