May Theme: Wholly Holy Uprising! – Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

May Theme: Wholly Holy Uprising! - Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

This month’s theme invites us to ask ourselves a deeper question: What will it really take for me to believe I am whole, perfect and complete, just the way I am – that I am enough, just because I exist?  Perhaps a spoonful of sugar and a very large dollop of faith, mixed gently with mental resolve to use my EGO only as an informant to my highest good?

We strive to attain or earn our rightful stripes as a human being, all the while hungering to discover our true nature and its unlimited potential for expression and experience.  Imagine if we stopped that trajectory and lived, not as if, but AS this Wholly Holy One, what an Uprising there would be!!

Dr. Holmes states, “Actively advance your faith by your moving largely in the highest truth as your truth. Create each thought and intend each action from a fearless, selfless and poised position.” And let’s add a pinch of our brave hearts and rebel spirits, just to keep it real tasty!

In honor of our journey,

Dr. Nadene


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