June Theme: The Soul’s Call… – Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

June Theme: The Soul's Call... - Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

Our soul story is one many of us do not know, but one that all of us search for consciously or unconsciously.  Awakening to the spiritual quest to connect with our soul comes to us in adulthood, as when we are young we have the experience to recognize it and when we are in our twilight years not the strength or desire to pursue the changes and the challenges that the search presents.

Recognized by sacred traditions everywhere as the first step in the pursuit of spiritual wisdom, the Call is known by many names – conversion, summons, change of heart. This turning is described as: from the circumference to the center; from appearance to reality; from the sensible to the intelligible; from the idea of time to the idea of eternity.

There are as many Calls as there are human souls. But the voice of the Call is always the same, saying:

“Come back, come back!”  There is still time.


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