“Pulled by Vision” by Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

"Pulled by Vision" by Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

As I sit here early morning with my coffee overlooking the lake, I contemplate this idea of being pulled by vision. Listening in the quietness and stillness of mind my heart opens to Soul’s inspiration.

A vision, what is that? A higher calling that resonates at a Soul level which we choose to follow without angst? Something that pulls us out of our small self and challenges our faith? Something that has just appeared within our mind, with no laborious searching or willfully followed set intention? Is a vision a part of a divine plan instilled within our Soul’s evolution, which makes itself known when we are ready?

When I think about being pulled by a vision, I think of the Science of Mind teaching and its messenger, on whose shoulders I stand, who have accomplished miraculous inner transformation imprinting generations to choose freedom over being imprisoned by their own mind. 

Many people say that the Science of Mind teaching is too intellectual, perhaps because of the way it is presented in its original text with traditional language and run on sentence structure. However, if you stay the course and listen as you read it, there is a gem present in nearly every line, a foundation for spiritual living that supports us to live in the demonstration of free volition within the innermost sacred unity of Life.

These Universal Principles embedded within this teaching have been the reason for my capacity to observe judgmental thoughts and simultaneously feel the fullness and richness of life. It is in the heart of that experience that I am consciously able to use volition and make that next best decision.

I remember the feeling when, not so long ago, I felt on fire with inspiration – filled with this idea that the fullness and richness of life was right beneath my feet, right within my belly, and my Soul was seemingly fixed in an endless grin! I’m sure you can relate. At times like this, concern towards what I don’t feel is working, doesn’t exist.

Everything comes back to my decision, everything. And knowing that, sometimes I feel burdened with extreme responsibility for myself, questioning my capacity, and, if I am honest, even my desire to be self-reliant.  Then, as I remember that my innate Spiritual Intelligence within ensures my right to be free, I witness myself in amusement and gratitude follows. Being my own sacred witness keeps me inspired, poised and open to be pulled by vision. 

Walking the spiritual path and staying the course, applying the Universal Spiritual Principles and natural laws that create and sustain Life Itself, allows us to face life however it presents itself with poise, faith and the openness to be pulled by vision.

What is a Vision to you? Have you been pulled by vision? If so, recall how your life changed, if not, then perhaps you are already living your Vision.

Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers


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