“A Pause for Guidance” by Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

"A Pause for Guidance" by Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

There is a joy to be found in the absence of thought, other’s thoughts masquerading as our own. It’s as if life moves in concert with the inspiration of innocence, and allows us to remember how it was to draw a breath and take all the time we needed to exhale.

There is something that runs through all of Life, an Intelligence that is infinite and good, and ready to be creatively molded by that same breath. A breath that needs no knowledge or information from a previous record or memory of life, but rather a spark of divine guidance. It is in this breath we pause, and discover our true nature as the Spark Itself, and in a flash we recognize there is no quest, only clear openness to receive life just as it is.

So many of us, including myself, say that the essence of the Science of Mind teaching makes us feel at home, at one with ourselves, and yet, it falls within the application of its principles, where we truly come home to ourselves. We must practice removing our thoughts of judgement (resistance) which causes us to be against ourselves, along with any idea which leads us to believe that we were created without our own personal set of keys to the kingdom. Then, we can consciously implement the sacred pause with cheerful expectancy.

Guidance comes in so many forms, and when it is we feel at home with ourselves, then we are free to observe and listen. “Wait, what was that… come again?”

Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers


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