The Journey of Becoming: The Dance with Darkness and Light by Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

The Journey of Becoming: The Dance with Darkness and Light by Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

Hanukkah begins with the Festival of Light, entering us into this Light-filled season. Next we celebrate Winter Solstice, the Return of the Light, Christmas, the Bringer of the Light, and Kwanza, bringing light and understanding to family, community and culture.

We are availed at this time of year by the energy existing through a time-honored collective awareness of these celebrations and their relevant opportunities to look in and connect with our Light. This of course is the key practice in the journey of becoming, ultimately revealing in our experience a state of optimal well-being.

All of us are here to explore and discover the truth of who we are and grow the courage to express authentically reclaiming our Soul’s freedom. The spiritual path includes so many practices, one of them being the study of Metaphysics, meaning beyond the physical world into the energetic substance of all creation. When we can practice listening to divine guidance, our intuition, and respond lovingly, we direct the universal Law of Mind to act and produce a corresponding result.

In our shared human experience there are diverse thoughts, decisions and experiences that reveals what is commonly perceived as Darkness or the absence of Light. As the winter solstice approaches on December 21st, marking the shortest period of daylight, and the longest period of darkness, it is an opportune time to welcome the insights from the darkest places within ourselves, knowing that Spirit’s Light is ever existing and available.

How does being in the Dark feel to you? How does being in the Light feel? What is there that wants to be known and/or revealed, as you become one with the Nature of Being? Does dancing with darkness feel burdensome, chaotic, frightening, confusing, or might it bring a sense of protection, contentment, solace, even peace?

Here might be a helpful practice in allowing the darkness (the mystery) to rise within you and be heard, by deciding to stop carrying around heavy baggage from the past. Now this includes dreams about potential new careers, new adventures and new people. Things like, “I’m going to open a business”, “I want to travel the world”, “I’m going to get married again”. Replace the baggage with 3 values and let go of everything not in alignment with them. This exercise will unburdened you of the demands of past versions of yourself.

What are the 3 (or more) values you wish to align with as you dance in the presence of the experience of both Darkness and Light?

You might want to use this Affirmation: Today, I’m releasing everything not in alignment with (place your values here) into the ocean, back to Life. As I move forward into this next spin around the sun, I focus my precious time and energy in pursuits that are congruent with (place your values here).

Our choice to walk the spiritual path to live a spiritual life is the journey of becoming one with our spiritual truth, our spiritual nature. Balancing our mind, the personal law of our being, with the compassionate and unifying wisdom of our heart and/or our intuition, creates a higher frequency which aligns us with the natural harmonious energy of this divinely orderly universe, where we remember the power and presence within, right where we are.

As we head into this New Year, where world conditions and circumstance is calling us to choose to live from the concept that the “I” does not exist without the “We”, let us be mindful to not walk ahead of Truth. Let us be poised to welcome the rising up of a palpable acceptance of both the Darkness and Light as sacred compliments of one another, begetting us that deepening sense of belonging to ourselves and each other and may the unique dance of our soul’s journey of becoming, be more enveloped in the Grace of Truth.

Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers


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