Affirmative Prayer – Week of 04/05/20

The following is a transcript of an affirmative prayer on Sunday, April 5, 2020:

Please join me in this affirmative prayer.  Because what I know is that there is Only one. That one is the goodness, the lovingness, the fullness, the richness, the life, that animating thing in all living things.  It is the cosmos, it is the biosphere, it is the biome, it is the genome; it is all of it come forth expressed as goodness and it has, in all of its infinite divinity and all of its infinite creative desire, said yes to creating me, to becoming me, to living as me and each and every one of us.  That every human being living on this earth right now was given this gift of the eternality of their soul and are exploring what it means to be living and animated by it and what it means to discover ourselves and to discover each other in this awareness. When we do that, and we’re doing it now in this prayer, it expands our heart. It expands our love, it expands our compassion and our willingness to see that we are not so different and we are so unique. And in that awareness, I claim this moment right now.   I deny power to anything that would have me live in fear of what might be happening next and I deny power to anything that would have me be judgmental to a point where I step away from my principles about what is happening up until this point.  I center myself in my principles and knowing that affirmative prayer is just that: coming back to our principles because we sway and we lean and we move and we flow and our prayer reminds us, it’s like the rudder in the water, it guides us to our destination, the horizon of goodness that is ever there, ever present, ever calling, that is ever yearning to receive us. So we move through this life with an awareness but that evolutionary presence is assured and so the gift is right now, and right now we claim love. And that love is divine.

And so, I give thanks. I’m grateful for this awareness, for this knowing, for this gift of immortality, this gift of the idea that when we pass on from here, we go on to what’s next. That means that I can put all of my love and my energy and my focus right here in this world right where I am in this world exactly as it is and know that it is good. I am so grateful for that and I surrender it onto the law knowing that God takes care of everything else, that the divine Law takes it up, creates it, manifests it, and brings it forth and reveals it to me in ways that I could never noticed before and in ways I couldn’t possibly have imagined were so brilliant and beautiful.  It is already done and already so.  And so it is!  Amen.


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