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Rev. Rafe Ellis

Moving Plans from Rev. Rafe Ellis

Beloved Community, It is with GREAT JOY that I write to you for the first time as your Senior Minister to update you about our …

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A Christmas Letter from Dr. Ernest Holmes

Christmas is for remembrance. The love manifesting through our gifts to each other typifies the offering of Life, the giving-ness of Spirit to its creation. …

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Community, Christmas & the Cosmic Christ By Carol S. Pearson

Ernest Holmes often quoted Jesus in support of his teachings. Contemporary Christian, New Thought, and Creation Spirituality theologians/scholars, as well as recent widely covered Jesus …

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December Theme

Living Everyday Wonder – Community Community is the invisible membrane that we all live inside. Community is where we play out our lives on a …

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The Divine Urge” – Rebecca Beall, RScP

Ernest Holmes says, “There is a Divine urge within everyone to know more, to be more, and to express more, and I have found that …

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“The Autumn Harvest Season” – Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

As Fall 2022 ushers itself in, each of us is offered the same opportunity we were last year, and the years before. This offer doesn’t …

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“What Is Wisdom?” – Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

Climbing a ladder can be fun, as it points our direction and focus toward something presently out of reach…

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Self Care

“Self Care: Centered in Self” – Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

When I was studying to become a science of mind practitioner, I set to practice a concept that is the foundational under-pinning of the principles and it completely blew my mind!

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universal creative process of evolution

“The Sacred Cow” – Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

The figurative use of the term ‘sacred cow’, to refer to a project or process that is immune from tampering. In the teachings of Science …

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Power of Prayer

“Emotion and the Power of Prayer” – Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

In the Science of Mind philosophy, we learn Affirmative Prayer or Spiritual Mind Treatment and know it to be a key to greater peace and happiness.

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