Reggie Kapp, RScP.

“Got Spiritual Practice?” by Reggie Kapp, RScP

What is Spiritual Practice?  What does it look like?  How does it feel? Am I doing it right? Am I doing it enough?  These are …

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Own Your Beauty by Rebecca Beall

Do you know how beautiful you are?  You are stunningly, awe-inspiringly beautiful.  You are gorgeous beyond measure.  Did you realize you are that beautiful? Psalm 90:17 says, …

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“Beauty Is All Around Us” by Ayo McClenney

I am drawing your attention to beauty.  Just relax because you don’t need to study anything to recognize beauty.  All you must do is know …

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Taking the Scenic Route by Reggie Kapp

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  What that means is we determine whether a person, place, thing or experience has the quality of …

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Practicing To Be A Practitioner

Here at Oneness, we have 7 soon-to-be Science of Mind Licensed Practitioners; that is, they’ve completed the course studies but have not yet acquired their …

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Affirmative Prayer – Week of 09/16/18 – Wendy Greene, ALSP

Affirmative Prayer for the talk entitled “The Power Of We” by Wendy Greene.

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