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“Building a Consciousness of Sacred Service” – Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

As I contemplate this idea, I am hesitant within my own mind, as to where to begin and what to say.

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“A Call to Prayer” by CSL Spiritual Leader, Dr. Edward Viljoen

“A Call to Prayer” by CSL Spiritual Leader, Dr. Edward Viljoen

Here’s a message Dr. Viljoen shared with all Centers for Spiritual Living: A Call to Prayer We are struck and saddened by the realization that …

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“The Stories that Shape Us: Awakening the Wisdom of Heart, Mind and Spirit” by Carol Burbank

When you meet someone for the first time, how do you get to know them? Isn’t it through shared stories, about your lives, about what …

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peaceful sun & birds

“Where is Peace?” – Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

We have just entered the International Season for Nonviolence which runs January 30 through April 4. It is a 64-day educational, media, and grassroots campaign …

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“Who Is God?” (Part II) by David Sills

When last I wrote, the story had progressed to the point where I had had my EXPERIENCE. I had concluded that my vision was real …

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“Who is God?” by David Sills

I have always been very serious about religion. Even as a child attending church, I took everything said there very much to heart. I read …

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Sabbatical Postcard #1

Realignment Change is a constant in life; and every change requires some realignment. Sometimes we ignore that; and sometimes we can’t. Going on sabbatical is a …

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Leaving a Legacy

Affirmative Prayer – Rev. Jenna Wexler, 1/17/2021

Get inspired and uplifted with this Affirmative Prayer by Rev. Jenna Wexler, 1/17/2021. If you would like to hear Rev. Jenna’s entire January 17th talk …

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Strong Foundations Let Us Rise

In most every culture and religion, tradition is regarded as important and vital. Tradition contributes a sense of comfort and belonging. For many, it can …

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Butterfly - Let go

“A Sacred Activism Postcard”

I am all “colors”, my life fractured, and I’m becoming invisible…

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