“Creativity and Abundance: The Buck Stops Here!” by Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

We all know the saying “The Bucks Stops Here” and you have probably felt the weight of responsibility that statement engenders in you as you speak it.

But have you felt the lightness of power within this idea?

“The Buck Stops Here” can be changed to “The Buck Starts Here” when we choose to identify ourselves as enough, thereby attracting the flow of plenty into all our affairs!

At this point in my life, I can honestly say that the flow of life’s good all boils down to this: Identity.  How do I identify myself? Do I run the tape I Am one with God (God does it by me) or I Am God in action (God does it as me.) Whichever I affirm, my experiences in life will follow in form.

When we are convinced, that we are all that God Is, and express ourselves from that place, we become conscious life-givers without limitation, rather than life-deniers, welcoming in the notion that “The Buck Stops Here!”

Would you like earning a living, making a dollar or increasing your wealth less of a struggle and more of a joy? What about the experience of never having a second thought around giving or receiving? Me too, so I let God as Law do, what is God’s to do, and stay out of God’s lane!

God, or the Universal Law of Mind in Action, is automatic and responds to the impress of our thoughts filled with emotional conviction, and activates within a creative process which moves invisible energy into visible form. We can relax and not have to beg it to do what it does. God does it for us, selflessly, impersonally, and doesn’t know a void!

Do we have to be aware of this Law in order to lead a happy prosperous life? No. But we have to be aware of how we identify ourselves as forming our perception of what is possible in life for us to be, do and have.  Ultimately, we need not just give new thought to our Identity, but actually live from this new identity.

It is said that if we do not define our moments, they will define us.  But what is it that defines us? Dr. Ernest Holmes shares that, “What we are looking for we are looking with and we are looking at!”

When we are responsible to get our needs met and be the single soul power of the creative universe, and take the dependency off of others, we have this Life force doing our bidding, creating the highest and best outcomes.

Our holy calling is to let God serve us well (through our personal use of God’s Law of Mind) and therefore, each of us must devise a process of thinking which does just that.

If we choose to hear: “The Buck Starts Here,” then we can begin to give from our gratitude and overflow, and never again have to give just to become enough.

Start right here affirming, “I Am all that God Is and therefore, I Am Enough!”  Hold this idea firmly yet gently in the one hand of mind, as you hold an exciting and cheerfully expectant experience of your prosperity, in the other.

We can think about the promise of God’s good in our world, we can think of the infinite Creative Intelligence always working to support our desires, but when we feel the transformation moving through us and we KNOW something has changed, that is when the change in our world of condition occurs, and we will never need to look for or ask for spare change again.

In honor of our journey together,

Dr. Nadene

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