The Divine Urge” – Rebecca Beall, RScP

Ernest Holmes says, “There is a Divine urge within everyone to know more, to be more, and to express more, and I have found that the thing we are searching for is the thing we are searching with.”

Part of the Divine urge is our envisioning a world that works for everyone and for all of creation (CSL Global Vision). A world that works for all! That vision is glorious. But what does that actually mean??

This question activates our curiosity, our divine superpower!

We are change agents of our world, getting accustomed to using our divine curiosity. There is a multiplicity of life and a diversity of human experience that any one person cannot possibly understand in its entirety.

Each individual creation has its own, unique expression of life. All of life is interconnected and interdependent. When we are consciously aware of ourselves as expressions of life, we catch glimpses of how we are deeply connected to each other. That understanding sparks the urge to continually seek a deeper understanding.

Yet, we are living in a world with deep divides. Many of us are looking around us with confusion, fear, and exasperation. As we embrace our curiosity superpower, we develop the courage to look at ourselves and where in space and time we are having this human experience.

What are the structures around us that have created our unique perspective? What are the historical building blocks that created the world in which we are existing?

Developing our curiosity superpower is deeply spiritual work. We learn to look around at the world with an objective viewpoint, and tell ourselves the truth – that there are structures and systems we may not be able to easily see, that deeply impact the lived experiences of people in ways we may not be able to easily comprehend.

Curiosity allows us to live in the questions, and as we hold the vision of a world that works for everyone and all of creation, we seek to know more. To do more. To be more.

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