“The Sacred Cow” – Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

universal creative process of evolution

The figurative use of the term ‘sacred cow’, to refer to a project or process that is immune from tampering.

In the teachings of Science of Mind it states: God as Love leads the way and God as Law makes it happen, this is our sacred cow. There is this universal creative process of evolution, whereby energy becomes matter, becoming energy, becoming matter, and so on.

This month we embark on the theme: Sacred Relationship, which at first read might be read as Sacred Relationship(s), as we are given to think from a dualistic perspective. But because the science within our teaching affirms that we live in a universe of divine order expressing as the Law of Cause and Effect, the latter, sacred relationships must be the effect of its cause: Sacred Relationship.

Sacred Relationship, the self givingness of God, creating Life out of itself as Love, by means of the natural law of (Its) Being is sacred and holy, immune to tampering. It is the one life that exists, expressing in many ways, in our lives through both a time/space paradigm and multi-dimensionally, in the eternal now, and is indeed a sacred cow. Therefore, my sacred relationship with the ultimate supreme infinite intelligence that lives in and as me, becomes my sacred cow, which is immune from tampering, even by my own thoughts.

While the following spiritual principles below are written by many including our founder Dr. Ernest Holmes, we must conclude that, God/Spirit/Creator/One Mind, exists as each of us sees it, receives it and aligns our energy as the individualized expression of It that we have given our agreement (soul being) to, to represent and experience.

See how these principles feel as you say, contemplate each of them:

  • The Universal Law manifests the mental equivalent we hold in Mind.
  • All conditions manifest from a mental cause, within Mind.
  • All life is sustained and supported by the Self-Givingness of God.
  • All that Infinite Creative Intelligence Is, I AM that.

We have all grappled with, and perhaps continue the inquiry of, who am I, why am I here, what is mind to be and do. Sometimes we want the answers to these questions for application in this moment now, and sometimes to understand ourselves, or purpose, to clear a path of certainty over time. These principles I believe are the cornerstone to mindfully cultivating sacred relationship, and will serve us ongoing, no matter what the situation, person or decision we may encounter. When I center myself here, all else flows from this secure knowing and conviction leaving me to be more fluid and less attached as I grow in the expression and experience of self-love, and this love while relating with others. A never-ending circle of the One Life giving Itself, supporting the evolution of Itself as the many.

As you explore and play, and uncover and discover Life as you, I know for you cheerful expectancy of the All Good in Life, and the experience of sacredness as you continue to relate as Love’s presence.

And, if you feel stuck or distanced from your sacred cow, you might find these words as a gentle reminder:

Dear one,

The Source is within, you have everything you need, Love is the answer.

There is only the present, you create your reality, nothing has power outside of you.

What you are (give) you receive, there is only One.

In honor of our journey together

Dr. Nadene

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