Membership & Community

There is nothing more powerful than spending time with your spiritual community!

At the Columbia Center for Spiritual Living, we strive to provide opportunities for our community to come together for a variety of events and activities that encourage us to spend more time with those who are sharing our spiritual journey with us!

Columbia CSL Thanksgiving
Candlelighting 2017
Howard County Pride event with Columbia CSL

And there is something very powerful in making a commitment to your spiritual journey in community.

Have you considered becoming a Columbia CSL Member?

New members need to also complete our Discovery Class, an informational session on the Science of Mind philosophy and our community structure.

The responsibilities and benefits of the Members of this Center shall include:

  1. To uphold the teachings and practices of Science of Mind and to exemplify these teachings and practices in daily life.
  2. To regularly attend the spiritual gatherings and social meetings/events of this Center.
  3. To read, study and practice the literature of Science of Mind.
  4. To attend the business meetings of this Center whenever possible, and are eligible to cast your vote.
  5. To consider holding office and/or serve on committees or teams.
  6. To benefit from our Spiritual Leadership Team’s Affirmative Prayer support as well as support and companionship from our Heart2Heart Member Care Team.

Interested in becoming a member? Contact us at

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