A Message from Dr. Kenn Gordon – Prayers and Treatments Needed for California

Once again I ask that we please treat and pray for the residents of California as they experience perhaps the worst fire season in recorded history.

Thousand have lost or are on the verge of losing homes and property. Thousands have been evacuated from their homes and the entire state is dealing with the overwhelming feeling of not having enough resources to control and contain the wildfires.

This on the heels of hurricanes – Harvey, Irma, and Maria, the destruction of Puerto Rico and The American Virgin Islands, the shooting in Las Vegas, and the earthquake in Mexico and that is a totally incomplete tally of what has occurred in the last two months. It seems every Monday we awake to a new crisis and a new opportunity to witness, yet again, another anomaly of humankind and nature.

Now is the time for Spiritual Practice, now is the time for compassion, now is the time for love, now is the time to practice what we preach and walk our talk.

I have been in communication with many of our ministers in the affected areas and they will continue to keep us updated on their needs and situations as the week progresses. At this time, most are simply waiting for the fires to subside, so that they can take measure as to what is next to do. One thing for sure right now is that they want our support in prayer. I have included below a message from Dr. Edward Viljoen in Santa Rosa who summarizes the situation there.

Santa Rosa has been thrashed by this fire. Many families in our Center community have lost everything. Some had only moments to evacuate. Fortunately, our Center is safe and we were able to provide a place, food, and electricity for evacuated people while they wait to learn if they were going to be able to go home again.  I’m humbled by the dignity and grace with which our people in Santa Rosa are helping each other and facing, in some cases, complete obliteration of their home and earthly possessions. 

Our city is going to need a lot of assistance in the months to come. At the moment we don’t even know what that looks like. 

Kevin, William, Cooper the dog, and I are safe.  Our home is just outside the evacuation area. We can see and smell the smoke, the ash is getting into my sinuses and I have a persistent ache in my head. Considering what others are dealing with, this minor discomfort is nothing and won’t stop me from helping where I can. 

Santa Rosans are still adjusting to the loss of lives, major historic icons, homes, and businesses. Many areas this morning have no electricity.  Lines are forming outside supermarkets where people are stocking up with emergency food and water. Evacuated areas are under curfew, some roads are closed, and cell services are spotty. People who are safe are offering to help as they can, even though it’s too early to know how to help at this time. All we can do at this time is take people in, feed them, love them, and trust that Goodness remains strong in us and that in the midst of tragedy ordinary humans are capable of extraordinary courage and compassion.” 






I believe in God and absolutely nothing else. I know that this Infinite Intelligence that I call God is the Power in this life and is indwelling in each of us and I recognize that Everything is the manifest body of this Power and that every person is the individualization of The Thing Itself.


Knowing this I speak my word for all of our communities, all of our ministers, all of our practitioners and all of our congregants in California affirming the Truth of who they are. I know they are safe and secure no matter what the outward experience is and I see them healthy and whole and commend their courage as they rise in consciousness and walk a pathway in Mind of Peace and Love. I deny anything that appears as crisis fatigue in both my and their lives and know that we all know and recognize the right action in the course of our lives. I speak my word for the people of California knowing that they are secure and well cared for. I know that every resource required to contain every incident is available and ready, I know for them peace and harmony in their interactions with each other and know that goodness is the effect of all that occurs. I speak my word for this planet, knowing that it is a dynamic vibrant idea in the Mind of God and that its flexibility and resilience is unwavering. I know that whatever appears lost, is in actuality found and that all is replaced by something greater than anything we have experienced before. I know for each and every one of us that we release control and do what lies before us with awareness, compassion, and love embracing the call to surrender to our Higher Power that which feels desperate and disparate and take action on whatever appears as a certain need in the moment.


This is what I know. This is what I expect. This is what is so. Right here and right now! 


So I release this word back into the Infinite Intelligence knowing that it is already formed.


I let go and let God.


And so It is!      




Dr. Kenn 

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