“Putting Life Back in Our Living” – Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

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Having shared sentiments of love and peace over the holidays, some of us having traveled many miles, we now find ourselves back in the swing of things ready to welcome the adventures of a New Year.

I am delighted to be sharing spiritual adventures with the Columbia CSL community as we move forward in what promises to be an action-filled New Year!

In the month of January our Sunday Messages will encapsulate the foundational principle of the Science of Mind teaching: Love directs the way, and the Law makes it happen; as above, so below; we are the microcosm of the macrocosm (everything God is, I am). The actions we take in our daily lives are made by Infinite Intelligence working in, as, and through us. We are an individualized expression of the Holy One and we use the One Mind to think. Now that should blow your relative mind apart! It does mine… every day, and allows me to appreciate and live the everyday wonders in Life.

As most of you have discovered, spirituality is not a spectator sport. As within so without, we’ve heard this expression many times over. But until we demonstrate this Principle, we will never truly know it and experience firsthand our connection to the God of our understanding, and the magnificence of our divine humanity.

We must choose the time to connect with Spirit, however that looks, allowing the wisdom within to reveal where it is we don’t believe in an Infinite Universe that is for us and not against us, and to reveal as well, where our belief in lack permeates our conscious thoughts and actions. It is right here that we can take action to prove this Principle of Wholeness for ourselves.

Spirituality in action does not need to take a lot of effort or be a great mystery where we resign ourselves to hand over our challenges to be fixed, building a case for disempowerment.

Instead, we have all heard the saying, “God can only do for us what God can do through us.” The study of Science of Mind drives this Principle home. The practice of our CSL Principles will increase our capacity to both claim and receive this Good and inspire us to actively put ‘Spirituality into Action’ so that we can confidently and comfortably sit in our rightful place at the table and enjoy the everyday wonders!

We are the co-creators of our lives. There is nothing we can’t accomplish if we put the One Mind to it!  Be amazed as you stand witness to the transforming of your ideas and desires into ideal life circumstances. It all begins right where you are.

Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

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