Principles of Science of Mind

“Celebrating All That Has Gone Before” – Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

WE are never alone and always supplied. Knowing this we are free to explore, remember, shift perceptions, deepen our gratitude and release emotions that keep …

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“Our Philanthropic Nature” – Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

In exact proportion as we learn to accept our inherent desire and ability to experience God’s Good, shall we. This entire proposal, as written above …

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“The Autumn Harvest Season” – Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

As Fall 2022 ushers itself in, each of us is offered the same opportunity we were last year, and the years before. This offer doesn’t …

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universal creative process of evolution

“The Sacred Cow” – Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

The figurative use of the term ‘sacred cow’, to refer to a project or process that is immune from tampering. In the teachings of Science …

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“Creativity and Abundance: The Buck Stops Here!” – Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

We all know the saying “The Bucks Stops Here” and you have probably felt the weight of responsibility that statement engenders in you as you speak it.

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“A Call to Prayer” by CSL Spiritual Leader, Dr. Edward Viljoen

“A Call to Prayer” by CSL Spiritual Leader, Dr. Edward Viljoen

Here’s a message Dr. Viljoen shared with all Centers for Spiritual Living: A Call to Prayer We are struck and saddened by the realization that …

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Butterfly - Let go

“Loosen Up, Lighten Up!” – Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

Lightening up is not as easy as our desire would like it to be. It takes practice to shift our self-perceptions and welcome in and let out playful, expansive energy.

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Myth Mysticism

“Myth, Mysticism, and Story – What’s This Class About?” by Carol Pearson

Carol Burbank’s and my upcoming class, Myth, Mysticism, and Story, is based on my system of 12 archetypes in human development and evolution.

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candles heart

“Putting Life Back in Our Living” – Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

Having shared sentiments of love and peace over the holidays, some of us having traveled many miles, we now find ourselves back in the swing of things ready to welcome the adventures of a New Year.  

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“Spiritual Football” by David Sills

I sometimes find myself playing a game I call spiritual football. In spiritual football, I am the football field. I am the goalposts. I am …

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