One of the greatest joys in our community is to serve! Our volunteers are in service to countless things but in everything, we do we are serving our mission, our community and the enrichment of our own spiritual living.  

What is Sacred Service?

Serving at Columbia CSL is a sacred and spiritual practice.  In volunteering on one of our many teams, you serve the community and yourself. You connect with others in a meaningful way, deepening your personal relationships while circulating love and care throughout our entire community. We promise that as you give your time and talents in service, you will receive even more in return.  

Sunday Service & Care Volunteers

We have several Service Teams and are always seeking to help people find their place in service. Below are some of the areas and teams that would love to benefit from your support. If you are interested in serving on any of these teams or would like more information, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to let us know!

Heart to Heart

When community members need a little practical assistance, the Heart to Heart team is there to help.  Whether it’s taking food to someone who is elderly or at home recovering from an illness, or offering a ride to the store or doctor… this team does what it can to offer a helping hand however and whenever it is needed.  There is no set schedule or time commitment – the team leader just keeps a list of willing volunteers and calls on them when the needs arise.  

Events / Outreach

If you don’t feel able to commit to an ongoing role, but would like to help out periodically, we can add you to our list of volunteers for special events and outreach activities.  When we have an event and need some helping hands, we will get in touch with you and see if you are interested!   

Funday School / Youth & Family

Our children and youth are amazing, and so are the volunteers who nurture them every week at Funday School. The lessons are prepared in advance for our volunteer teachers, so you just have to arrive at 9:30am with an open heart, a love for children, and an ability to flow with the enthusiasm of the children in the room. New volunteers work with an experienced teacher until they are comfortable on their own if/when they feel comfortable.

Welcome Team

If you like to greet people and share your smile, then this is the team for you! The welcome team greets people as they arrive, offers smiles and hugs and conveys a warm welcome to our community. They also serve as ushers for our weekly offering. Two or three people serve in this role each week, and people typically serve once per month; anyone is welcome to join even if they are only able to volunteer once per quarter. Volunteers arrive around 9:30-9:40 am, and are free to leave after the end of the service.


Maybe you’re more of a computer person… we can use your help too!  Our visual team sets up and runs the weekly PowerPoint presentation that displays our order of service on the front wall.  The presentation is prepared in advance – volunteers just need to arrive at 9:00am to set up the projector and get things rolling, and then forward the slides throughout the service.  


Coffee, tea and delicious snacks – that’s what our hospitality team provides every week!  Our hospitality volunteers get the coffee brewing and set up the table of deliciousness that members see every week.  If you aren’t able to help out at the table, but you love to bake cookies, make fruit and veggie trays, or any other treats – we are grateful for that assistance as well.  Volunteers are asked to arrive by 9:15am, and to stay after service while members linger and enjoy the goodies.


Book lovers wanted!  The bookstore typically has one volunteer each week.  This person staffs our bookstore table, selling books and providing information on other CSL products available online.  Volunteers are asked to arrive by 9:30am to set up the table, and typically stay at the table for about 15 minutes after service is over before putting the supplies back into storage for the week. Volunteers usually serve about once per month.  


Do you like to read in front of a group?  Our volunteer readers typically serve once or twice per quarter.  The readings are provided to volunteers well in advance so you can practice and be comfortable with the quotes and reading. Readers do not need to arrive early, as long as they are there when the service begins.  


If you’re really comfortable as a speaker and you’d like to do more than the weekly reading, consider our Presiders team.  Presiders lead the flow of the service, using a script provided by the team leader.  This role is great for people who have some speaking experience, have been coming to services for a while and have a good sense of our order of service.  Presiders are asked to arrive at 9:15am and are free to leave at the end of the service.  

Guest Care*

We frequently have visitors on Sunday, and our Guest Ambassador is there to welcome them, answer any questions they have, and provide a personal point of contact for them as they get to know the community.  This is a new team, and is focused completely on making sure that our visitors feel welcome here. Volunteers are asked to arrive by 9:30am, and to stay after service as long as there are visitors to talk to!  

*Bookstore, Readers, Presiders and Guest Care volunteers must be Oneness members

Do you have questions about volunteering at Oneness?  Would you like to talk about the various volunteer roles to help decide what role is right for you? Use our contact form below to let us know!

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