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Rev. Nadene Rogers

Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

MEET OUR NEW INTERIM MINISTER (As of February 1st, 2021)

Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

Dr. Nadene brings a wealth of expertise having served as Interim Minister most recently in Parker Colorado and White Rock BC Canada. She received her first letter of call in 1998, was ordained in 2006, and received her Honorary Doctorate in 2020. As founding senior minister of the Calgary JOY of Life Centre, she retired from her pulpit in 2015 following which she has served Centers for Spiritual Living in various capacities including regional youth coordinator, trainer and curriculum writer, chair of youth seminars, music director, workshop presenter, presider and co-chair for various conferences. Dr. Nadene has chaired both the RSI ‘Golden Works’ and ‘Phoenix Bridge’ Committees, serving as a member of the Ministers and Practitioners Licensing Committee.

Dr. Nadene is passionate about “playing outside the walls of conformity, raising public awareness of both the Science of Mind teaching and the value of inclusion.” She has developed and hosted an international radio show and continues to forge collaborations to establish projects such as: The Shoe-In: NEW shoes for at-risk youth, and the Teens of Distinction Awards for inner achievement. Something most folks would not know about Dr. Nadene is that she was a professional clown for 20 years and opened the first Clown School in Canada! Dr. Nadene is known as a creative visionary and courageous pioneer with a deeply intuitive and compassionate heart.

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Rev. Jenna Wexler

Rev. Jenna Wexler

Rev. Jenna Wexler has been enthralled with American New Thought spirituality since 1996. She quickly started taking classes in the spiritual philosophy of “Religious Science” (founded by Ernest Holmes). In 2002 she became a Licensed Practitioner, in 2007 a Licensed Minister in 2007, and was Ordained in 2017.

Her spiritual leadership journey has been as a member of the Columbia/Columbia Center for Spiritual Living (CSL) — except for six years during which she co-founded and co-pastored another center in Maryland. Rev. Jenna loves to teach – creatively focusing on how to translate and apply metaphysical principles in ‘walking’ our daily lives. And she also enjoys working directly with clients in prayer and for spiritual guidance and coaching.

Currently, Rev. Jenna leads the Focus Ministry she founded – know as “Sacred Activism”. This ministry is dedicated to re-connection, oneness of all life, inter-relatedness, and love for healing of the many faces of separation and disregard in our world. We engage in inner work that transforms how we show-up as a whole and healing presence in the world – through expanding consciousness, identifying spiritual principals to apply, and engaging in deep individual and group spiritual practices in support of a more just and equitable world for all.

Personally, she has a strong divine feminine presence, a compassionate manner, and by nature she is artistically creative and deeply connected to our Earth.

“We have misused the highest power we possess …  so great is this power –so complete is our freedom in it, so absolute the domain of law through it –that the misuse of this power has brought us the very conditions from which we suffer  …  the power which appears to bind us is the only power in the universe which can free us  …  And so we suffer, not because suffering is imposed upon us, but because we are ignorant of our true nature.” – Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind (p. 36-7)

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