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Board of Trustees

Getting to Know Our Board of Trustees

Karen Brown

Karen Brown

Is serving the Columbia CSL community as a Member and Secretary of the Board of Trustees

My introduction to Science of Mind was with my beloved teacher, Rev. Nancy Stepp some 20 years ago. Like many, I found my spiritual home immediately (through my tears) at the very first service. I will always be grateful to Rev. Nancy and to Ernest Holmes for this incredible teaching – and way of life. It has offered so many paths to Truth and a reverence and approach for life I had been missing. Since then, I’ve taken many awesome classes, and served on many committees and prayer circles that have enriched my life with blessings beyond measure.

In addition to serving on the Board at our Center, I have served on the Board of Directors of the APL Federal Credit Union in different capacities for over 25 years. It will be a true honor to be part of our Board and will take the opportunity to listen to our congregation’s desires, concerns, and aspirations. I am blessed to know all of you and look forward to the coming years as we experience the love and joy of renewal and growth and the time when we can once again do what we do best! Hugs and much love to all!

Jami Hudson Craig

Is serving the Columbia CSL community as a Member of the Board of Trustees

Jamie Hudson Craig has been a member of Columbia CSL since 2021. In her professional career, she managed nonprofit boards of directors and served as a volunteer in various church leadership roles for 40 years.

A lifelong musician, Jami also serves the Columbia CSL community as our Music Director and is excited about infusing her passion and using her leadership skills as a member of the Board of Trustees.

B. Amon James

Is serving the Columbia CSL community as a Member and Vice President of the Board of Trustees

I believe that my varied life experiences give me the tools and ability to serve the Columbia CSL community as a member of its Board of Directors. My goal is to help the community heal from recent challenges. I also hope to help Columbia CSL grow even stronger so that it can be an even greater beacon of Light and Faith in Columbia, MD and beyond.

In 1991 I first started practicing the New Thought understanding of God and Life as a member of Unity of Washington, DC, where I have served as co-leader of the Prayer Ministry, teacher, speaker, lay leader, soloist, and youth choir director. I was also the Minister of Music for the Unity Center of Light in Bowie, MD from 1992-1997, and in the 90s served as a Board member of Us-Helping-Us, Inc.

In 2002 I was ordained as a Minister by the National Spiritual Science Center of Washington, DC. My introduction to Science of Mind came through the Science of Mind “Guide for Spiritual Living” magazine around 1999. Since then, I have regularly read the magazine and its teachings, and was thrilled to actually become a member of a Columbia Center for Spiritual Living in 2018.

Here at Columbia CSL I serve as a leader of the Music Ministry, a member of the Prayer Ministry, the Sunday Presiders and the Sunday Readers. By day, I am a government attorney whose work focuses on commercial litigation. And last, but certainly not least, I am privileged to be husband to Joe, and dad to Jermill and Sariah.

Zita Johnson-Betts

Is serving the Columbia CSL community as a Member of the Board of Trustees

I first visited Columbia Center for Spiritual Living in early 2018 and I was impressed by the kindness and welcoming spirit of its members. I took part in several groups and enrolled in classes, and by the fall of 2020, I became a member of the Center. Not long after I joined, our community experienced an abrupt change in ecclesiastical leadership. As we dealt with this significant challenge, I was deeply impressed by the leadership of the Board of Trustees and our remaining ecclesiastical team. They successfully navigated deeply unfamiliar waters and, in conjunction with an exceptional interim minister, shepherded us successfully through the ministerial-selection process and the onboarding of a new senior minister. This experience really influenced my decision to offer myself to serve on the Board. I have also said yes to serving on the Member Council of the Centers for Spiritual Living, as well as continuing other volunteer activities at our Center.

I believe in the collective power of our community to create and sustain a spiritually vibrant and supportive environment for ourselves and the larger community. I am genuinely happy to be a part of the Board and look forward to opportunities to serve, learn and have fun, in whichever order those opportunities manifest.

On a personal note, several years ago I joined the ranks of retirees who return to some form of work. However, whenever I get a little too busy with work, I remind myself that I am retired and really want to enjoy my retirement. I served for more than 32 years as a government attorney enforcing our nation’s civil rights laws. I have one adult child, a daughter, and she is one of the great joys of my life.

Dale Kane

Is serving the Columbia CSL community as a Member of the Board of Trustees


Reggie Kapp, RScP

Is serving the Columbia CSL community as a Member and Treasurer of the Board of Trustees

Reggie has been a member of Columbia CSL for 15 years and became a Licensed Practitioner in 2019. She has served in leadership roles as the former Secretary, Vice President, and President of the Board of Trustees and was the Operations Administrator from 2018-2023.

The Science of Mind philosophy, faith and way of life continue to open up a greater awareness of Truth for Reggie. Spiritual practices and other tools have helped shape a very fulfilling life. Reggie is married and enjoys music, dancing, pickleball and spending time with family. And she’s always ready for prayer!

“You must maintain a close communion with your true center. Your creative power is not an act of will. It is, rather, an act of your willingness to believe.” – Ernest Holmes

Marijane Thompson

Marijane Thompson

Is serving the Columbia CSL community as a Member and President of the Board of Trustees

Columbia CSL has been my spiritual home since the Spring of 2014. My youth was filled with traditional religion, and eventually I moved on to the many ideologies in the world of metaphysics. Science of Mind drew me in with spiritual principles that are so encompassing and are a template for me to be my true self, and to carry that expression of the Creator into the world. CCSL has also provided a space to meet and be in fellowship with the diverse, interesting, and beautiful expressions of so many others.

My volunteer positions have been many and varied throughout my life: roles within Girl Scouts of USA organization when my daughters were young: Mother’s Club officer and maternity ward tours at a local hospital, etc. As a member of Columbia CSL: I have served on the Welcome/Greeters team as participant and leader; participant and co-leader of the Readers Team; facilitator of the Women’s Group; treasurer of the Board of Trustees in 2023; and currently serving as President of the Board for 2024.

Pursuits I truly enjoy are connecting with my daughters – Lauren in Baltimore MD, Sara in Tucson AZ – time in nature, adventure (found anywhere and every day), reading, creative projects, British TV shows, PBS, holistic health and self-care practices, women’s groups, and connections with the wondrous beings that make up our diverse planet. I feel very blessed to be a member of the Columbia CSL community!

Rev. Rafe Ellis

Rev. Rafe A. Ellis

Is serving the Columbia CSL community as a Non-Voting Member of the Board of Trustees

Rev. Rafe A. Ellis became the Senior Minister and Spiritual Leader of the Columbia Center for Spiritual Living on March 1, 2023. He is an Ordained Minister of Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL). Rev. Rafe brings 63 years of lived intersectionality having been born as a female-to-male (FTM) transgender person, raised as a cisgender female, lived as lesbian for more than 20 years of his adulthood until coming full circle undergoing his FTM gender alignment process at the age of 43. He now lives his authentic self as an open, out and highly visible FTM transgender man.

Rev. Rafe holds a B.A. in Social Work and Psychology from Warren Wilson College, an MBA-OD from American InterContinental University, an MA in Consciousness Studies from Holmes Institute and a Certificate of Ministerial Education from the Centers for Spiritual Living School of Spiritual Leadership. His ministry is enhanced by his professional experiences as a Social Worker, Fire Fighter, Emergency Medical Technician, Deputy Sheriff, business owner and lapidary artist; and his 40 years of recovery from heroin addiction and alcoholism.

Rev. Rafe has been an active member of the Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) since 2003. He has served as a Licensed Practitioner since 2008 and as a Licensed Minister since 2017. He has served the CSL organization as a member and Chair of the CSL Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Commission, a member of the CSL Nominating Council, a member of the CSL Lifelong Learning Steering Team, and a member of the CSL Events Committee. He has facilitated workshops at the CSL Annual Convention, CSL Minister’s Gathering, and was a General Sessions Speaker at the Asilomar SOAR Retreat in 2019.

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