At the Columbia Center for Spiritual Living, we understand that a spiritual philosophy and journey are not simply something we can explore and understand by attending a regular Sunday celebration service. Our Ministers and Practitioners are committed to providing powerful, personal, and professional opportunities to deepen your understanding of the Science of Mind and raise your consciousness in practical application.

We are constantly offering classes on a myriad of topics and focuses. We strive to offer valuable and practical courses that range from the fundamental understanding of the Science of Mind to Mysticism, Abundance, Spiritual Practice, Meditation and more! In addition, we are regularly hosting workshops on a multitude of spiritual topics for those who are looking for specific and unique experiences over a course of hours rather than weeks.

Our classes are not necessarily about attaining any certification or spiritual licensing, as we are ALL practitioners of the Science of Mind when we study and practice. However, we do provide educational paths to becoming a Licensed Practitioner and/or Minister as well.

Find classes on our event calendar here.

The form at the bottom of the page can be used to submit any questions you may have about our current and upcoming classes, our education program, or an educational path to Practitioner and/or Ministerial Training.

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