“The road to freedom lies not through mysteries or occult performances, but through the intelligent use of Nature’s forces and laws”

~ Dr. Ernest Holmes

The educational programs offered through our Center are designed to point you toward your inherent ability and desire to create lives of peace, prosperity, and joy in concert with the higher wisdom of the Universe.

Our courses are designed to empower you in your decision-making process, and the ability to make new choices to express and experience the Truth that lies within you.

We study to learn that Life moves in, as and through its creation/us and is not bound by what has gone before. We study to prove that principle that all thought is creative and that when we change our mind, we change our lives.

Here at Columbia Center for Spiritual Living (CSL) we offer two types of Courses:

1) Science of Mind Accredited Courses

This form of study is often said to serve those wanting to take a deeper dive into the relationship and nature of their own being within the nature of all.

These courses are review and updated frequently and span the history of Religious Science, its respective change agents, contemplative practices, comparative religions, mysticism and practical spirituality. We offer these courses, between 5 and 10 weeks in length throughout our calendar year.

Many who begin this work from the Foundations Course choose to continue through Level One and Two of Study and often decide to become a licensed CSL Science of Mind Practitioner, Level Three/2 years of training.  Once you have become licensed you are eligible to enter into Ministerial Training. Advanced Degrees are offered, as well a Certified Chaplaincy Program.

For more information on:

Becoming a Licensed Science of Mind Practitioner or

Becoming a Licensed Center for Spiritual Living Minister and International Campuses and Teaching Centers locations

2) Spiritual Living Courses

We offer a selection of Centers for Spiritual Living courses and original curriculums of skilled and established teachers in the greater community.

For those wanting to practice spiritual living principles and learn from others with similar life questions and intentions for greater wellbeing, these hybrid classes offer diverse formats, times and lengths, to appeal to diverse appetites!

If you have your own virtual class/webinar/retreat curriculum and would like to discuss collaboration or sponsorship, please contact our senior minister:

To register please visit or contact our office at

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