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The Science of Mind

“The Science of Mind is a correlation of laws of science, opinions of philosophy and revelations of religion applied to the needs of humanity and the aspirations of humankind.”

– Foundations Coursework, Centers for Spiritual Living

The Science of Mind is a spiritual philosophy that teaches a scientific approach to cultivate spirituality through religious spiritual practice.

This means that we must first understand the philosophy and then be diligent in applying it to our lives in as much as we can imagine doing so through conscious and deliberate spiritual living.

While this description will never adequately explain the entire teaching, we hope that it may shed some light on the basic context of the philosophy and we invite you to explore more deeply into the possibilities within your own spirituality and mentality with us!

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Oneness (AKA The Thing Itself)

This One has no beginning and no end and is represented in our teaching by a Circle:

The Science of Mind teaches that all of creation, all of time and space, all existence, in fact, everything, is one thing and that One is all there is. There is nothing outside of it. It is called God, Yahweh, Allah, The Light, The Divine, Spirit, The Universe and countless other names. It escapes a true name that can fully describe it because it is ineffable.

We believe that, while It is all there is, within It, there is an infinite plurality. Each creation of this One is an incarnation of It and in fact IS It. There is no Person, Place or Thing and no Experience, Feeling or Thought that exists outside of It. This is central to all of the philosophy. It is the most fundamental aspect of our teaching.

SOM - Oneness (AKA The Thing Itself) & Unity & Individuality

Unity & Individuality

Because we are created in and “of” God, our individuality is also represented in our teaching by a Circle:

Because humanity seems to be the most conscious emanation of this One, of which we are aware, we are able to understand It and even co-create with It. In fact, our very lives are a co-creation as an individual with the authority and creativity of God working for our highest Good at all times.

God is all there is and therefore it is all we are. While we are not the whole of It, God is all of what we are. We cannot be separated from this Truth. Nothing can ever divide us from the One presence of God. Our perfection and infinite potential is assured from our conception to our death and beyond into eternity.

However, we have the capacity to consciously and subconsciously choose separation. This means that, if we do not recognize our divinity and exercise our creative authority, it is lost to us. This does not mean we can not have it, because it is literally what we are, but it does mean that we can never have or use any more of it than we can believe we believe we have available to us and choose to accept.

Consciously practicing to use this co-creative authority in our lives is the very basis of our teaching and prescribes a diligent approach to cultivating faith in ourselves and our idea of God, knowing that It is already waiting to answer our call at every moment.

SOM - Oneness (AKA The Thing Itself) & Unity & Individuality

The Triune Nature of Creation

This is represented in our teaching by creating three areas within the circle:

We believe that while all things are One, there is a nature to the creative process of existence. This does not mean that God is divided up or is separate. It means that, as human beings, we can trust in this process because everything necessary for it to function is not only available but is literally the nature of how creation works.

This Triune is comprised of the Spirit, the Soul and the Body of the Universe. Each of these aspects of God can be described in many ways with many words, but their function is constant regardless. We believe that through the power of our thought and feeling, we have the ability to co-create in the same way the Universe has created all things.
Each portion of this creative process serves a specific and powerful role and each is dependant on the other. Ultimately we say, “It is done unto you as you believe” and allow that to set the stage for the entire process itself.

SOM - The Triune Nature of Creation

The Spirit

This is represented by the “Highest” or “First” area of the circle:

The Spirit is considered the place in the creative process where new ideas are created and cultivated. This is also the place where conscious thought is happening. It is the most authoritative point in the process because it is where the power of decision takes place. It is the beginning of the creative process and all things in creation begin here.

When we speak an affirmative prayer, we are using this portion of our mind, and the Universal mind, to establish the idea and empower the conviction and faith in that idea. What is established in conscious thought will set it forth in our lives. This is the area where the New Thought occurs to us or is adopted by us. Hence the term “New Thought” as used to describe this spiritual philosophy.

While we have the power to create new thoughts, this is also the place where all of our “old thoughts” originated. At some point in our lives, the beliefs we have adopted have entered our mind through a conscious choice to accept the idea itself. However, the most creative thoughts are the newest thoughts and we have the authority and ability to change anything by inviting a new thought to replace or even eliminate an old one.

SOM - The Spirit

The Soul

This is represented as the “Core” or the “Second” area of the circle:

Once the idea has been cultivated and accepted in Spirit, we believe it is then impressed upon the Soul. The soul is the creative medium through which our thoughts are transformed from ideas into “things” or experiences. It takes the idea and makes it into something of actual manifest substance.
The Soul is also the resting place of every thought that we have already chosen to believe in fully. This means that, because we have already accepted the idea, these ideas continue to manifest and unfold in our lives over and over again unless a New Thought is introduced in the Spirit that would change the system of beliefs and ideas that already exist.

When an idea is fully accepted in the Spirit or Mind of the one praying (or thinking and being) it is surrendered or released unto this Law to be created. The thought has created a “mold” in the Spirit and now the Soul fills that mold with itself and creates the tangible expression of the thought or idea.

This Law, the Soul, has no volition of Its own and does not create anything that has not been impressed upon it. It is subconscious and therefore can only store and operate based on the conscious thoughts that have been accepted by the Spirit. Spirit is the “Thinker” and Soul is the “Doer” of the creative process.

SOM - The Soul

The Body

This is represented as the “Lowest” or the ”Last” area of the circle:

The Body is how we describe anything that has actually been created, often described as manifested or “demonstrated”. All of creation itself, from the smallest particle to the largest celestial body in all the cosmos, and even the cosmos themselves, are the manifest result of what the Soul has created in action based on what the Spirit has set forth in thought.

Everything that is empirical, anything you can experience with your 5 senses or that has been observed by science, is considered the Body. All things in this area of the creative process are transient and temporary. The Body is constantly shifting and changing. While it never loses any of itself, it is always transforming, expressing, living and evolving.

Our lives and everything we experience in the world around us is happening in and as the Body of the Universe.

SOM - The Body

The Creative Process

This is represented as an “Arrow” or “Funnel” that descends through each area of God’s Nature from Spirit, through Soul and into Body:

In the Science of Mind we believe that everything moves from the Spirit, through the Soul and into the Body. Again, this can be described in several ways using several similar terms. The most common term used to describe this process is “Cause and Effect”. In this way, Spirit is Cause, Soul is the Creative Medium and Body is Effect.

We believe that the creative process moves in one direction and one direction only. This means that no matter what has expressed in the Body, the Soul is not bound by it. Likewise, the Soul is not bound by the Body and the Spirit is beholden to none. The creative process unfolds from the Mind (Spirit) through the Law (Soul) and into Form (Body).

We often describe this as “polarity”. The creative process moves from Cause to Effect but there is no Effect that can be Cause. Only the Spirit has the ability to set forth a cause and only the Law can create it. This means that all creation moves from Thought to Form. This isn’t to say that the Body cannot influence the mind and that we may often find ourselves justifying our thoughts by referencing the worldly experience we are having. However, we always have the ability to transcend the world of Form by creating something new in thought.

SOM - The Creative Process


The Science of Mind is a philosophy of Spiritual Creation. We do not believe that there is anything standing between you and God, or whatever you choose to call your higher power.

As you think, it is created as your life. This doesn’t mean that the never ending picture show or conversation happening in your mind is a direct mandate that you will see in the world around you. It means that the mentality you choose to have is the one that your life will tend to take on. The entire Universe is One thing and you are a part of it. Like the drop of water in the ocean is the ocean, you are the very presence of the Universe having a life as your life, right now.

If you feel like these concepts are interesting then we invite you to explore them with us in our Sunday services, classes, workshops and fellowship groups. We are committed to nurturing those who are seeking to work with these ideas to create the life they desire. If that’s you, welcome home.

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