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“We Are All One” by Jodi Davidson

Words spoken at Oneness Prayer Vigil, June 20, 2020 We are all One. Yet we are born into a system where some are advantaged and ...
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Jeffon Seely: Diversity, Inclusion, and Consciousness

Jeffon Seely is a powerful young speaker and an inspirational presence in the New Thought and Racial Equity movements. This video is a reflection of ...
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‘Feeling Shame’ Isn’t the Same as ‘Being Shamed’ by Jamie Cole

Brene Brown brilliance, “Being held accountable for racism and experiencing shame about that, is not the same as being shamed about racism.” Ahhh, I have ...
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In Honor of African American History Month…

We  share with you four short videos created by the African-American Circle of CSL Dallas. Each video provides a brief glimpse of generally unknown African-American ...
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Conversations on Racial Equality

TO: The Oneness Community FROM: The Conversations on Racial Equality (CORE) Leadership Team: Terri Brown, Gara Cole, Toni Mathewson and Lisette Morris Our book discussion ...
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