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Living Everyday Wonder – Community

Community is the invisible membrane that we all live inside. Community is where we play out our lives on a larger scale – both consciously and unconsciously. It’s the first circle in what ultimately creates our larger societal structures beginning with family all the way through to the culture of a country. At the micro level, our individual choices influence not only our experience but the character and subtext of our community. The beautiful alchemy of community unfolds when we come into realization that through our spheres of influence (our communities of concern), we intersect with the greater whole each and every day. This is the point of power when we begin to make active decisions about how we wish to be in community, and actively welcome those we previously may have been unaware of. This is how our diverse world becomes a living gift to us all. Celebrate December with a full awareness of our unique gifts, while seeing the gifts of those around us as we enter into a bigger idea of community.

There is a deep longing within each one of us to belong. The bigger truth is that we already belong by the simple fact that we are here.

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