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Rev. Rafe: “Love Wins” Talk Video

“Love Wins!”: Whatever the question, love is the answer!
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Rev. Rafe: “Love Thy Neighbor” Talk Video

Love Thy Neighbor: Living by example and loving each other, regardless of our differences, is the perfect way to create a world that works for ...
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Rev. Rafe: “Love On a Spectrum” Talk Video

Love On a Spectrum:Spirit expresses as all cultural expressions, genders, sexual orientations and experiences. There is nowhere that God is not!
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Rev. Rafe: “I Love Myself So Much” Talk Video

I Love Myself So Much!: I love myself so much, so I can love you so much, so you can love you so much, so ...
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Rev. Rafe: “Perfectly Imperfect Passions” Talk Video

Perfectly Imperfect Passions: We are Divine beings and yet our critical voice can often paralyze our passions. Discover how to find a place of self-acceptance ...
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Rev. Rafe: “Percolating Your Passion With Purpose” Talk Video

Percolating Your Passion With Purpose: Discover how to become a more deliberate creator, activating your purpose with your passion. The Science part of Science of ...
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Rev. Rafe: “Awakening To Your Passion” Talk Video

Awakening To Your Passion: We all have within us a beautiful quality of joy and energy that makes us unique in the world. We were ...
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Rev. Rafe: “The Standing Stones” Talk Video

The Standing Stones: Sometimes, we face what seem to be walls of circumstances made of stone. They speak to us. Let’s listen, then speak back ...
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Rev. Rafe: “The Wise Warrior” Talk Video

The Wise Warrior: The wise warrior is focused and does not get ensnared by smallness. They are going for greatness. Like the well-trained martial artist, ...
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Rev. Rafe: “Standing on Shiva” Talk Video

Standing on Sheva: When we find the Truth, we will be troubled; then, being troubled, we will be amazed, and will rule over the entirety. ...
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