Rev. Rafe Ellis, “Boundaries Build Bridges”

Boundaries define. They communicate to others who we are and where we end, and the other begins. When we communicate our boundaries accurately, we are …

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Rev. Rafe Ellis, “Dropping Our Masks”

We wear masks at different times for different reasons; for celebration, for fun, in theater, in the arts and for our physical safety. And not …

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Rev. Rafe Ellis, “Everyone Else is Already Taken”

It is often said, “Be yourself because everyone else is already taken.” It can feel scary to be authentic in a world that is trying …

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Ginny Robertson “The Courage to be Curious”

If curiosity is a superpower, then isn’t it curious that everyone doesn’t embrace it?  We become curious when we recognize that there is a gap in …

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Eugene Holden, RScP “Finding the Pearl”

It has been said seek and we will find. In this seeking we may find that we may go through some irritating experiences. And when …

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Ayo McClenney, RScP “Inquiring Minds Want to Flow”

  “What is my reason for being?” is a question our curious minds would love to answer. This however is not a question for the …

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Rebecca Beall, RScP “Curiouser and Curiouser”

The definition of curiosity is a desire to know, to seek insight, information, and understanding from beyond our own perspective. There is always something new …

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“Practicing the Power” – Rev. Jim Webb

Based on Chapter 4 of the Science of Mind Textbook Introduction, this sermon will provide practical and practice-able ways to apply the powerful principles of …

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“Your Thinking Makes You, Soooo…” – Rev. Rafe Ellis

As we understand how Consciousness works, we stop struggling to bring Consciousness into alignment with our thought, and we relax into a revelation of our true authentic Self by aligning our thought with Reality.

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“It Works If You Work It” – Idalia Romero, RScP

  The Thing, then, works for us by working through us and is us.  It cannot work for us in any other way. It spreads …

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