Sabbatical Postcard #1

Sabbatical Postcard #1


Change is a constant in life; and every change requires some realignment. Sometimes we ignore that; and sometimes we can’t.

Going on sabbatical is a major change. By its nature, it is all about realignments — such as time to rest and become reacquainted with oneself by unplugging from our known life in order to live in “the void”. For me, this also included a circumstance I could not ignore or override; rather it required mindful realignment in every moment. Two months in, I’m still learning this.

Unexpected Change

My body has always been healthy and strong; and then suddenly it wasn’t. In early March, I did something many of us do several times a day: I stood on one leg while leaning forward to thread my other leg into pants – except that time, my lower back gave out.

Suddenly I felt intense pain with every movement however slight; and my home has three floors! I was undeniably out-of-alignment in a way that took command out of my hands and forced me to mindfully change my focus, my pace, and my priorities in every moment.

I fully recognized the extent of co-creative process this revealed. I had never learned to put self-care first. For several years I’d voiced an intention for regular strength training but had not matched my intention with commitment and action – especially during the Covid lockdown.


Acting on my intention had now become mandatory; and I needed more than what was in my tool kit. So, I asked my doctor for a physical therapy (PT) referral – what a saving grace! Caring specialists taught me how to be in physical alignment through a progression of exercises that taught me how to rebuild core strength and flexibility – and all I needed was my floor!!!

This physical and metaphorical experience has not been lost on me! Ernest Holmes taught that all change starts within and that we must match intention with action. He also taught that we must honor the divine creation that we are.

Sadly, it took this experience for me to realize I can be in alignment with Spirit and yet be precariously out of alignment with myself. Now I am continually monitoring and correcting my physical alignment, exercising daily. Finally, after two months of PT, I was discharged after successfully mounting/dismounting and riding my bike!

As I continue-on with my sabbatical, I am now living from a healthier personal and spiritual alignment.

All of you, and this congregation, are always present in my heart, and thoughts and prayers. My love to all …

With Great Love and Gratitude,


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