“Settling In… to Me” by Dorcas Austin

"Settling In... to Me" by Dorcas Austin

It’s okay to do less when you are coping with more.⁣

Can you believe we are already in week five of the quarantine!? OK, the first four weeks was a piece of cake. I don’t know how I got through it so easy.⁣⁣  Maybe I was in a state of shock, but I quickly implemented all these routines that made it enjoyable.⁣⁣  Everyone was talking about all the stuff they were binge watching. I wasn’t binge watching anything cause frankly I didn’t have time.⁣  I was busy chatting with family and friends. I was taking daily walks around my neighborhood. I was getting acquainted with my new role as a virtual therapist and loving it!⁣⁣
But something last week shifted. I spent a whole day going back and forth to the refrigerator looking for something to eat – that’s never good!⁣⁣ I wasn’t looking forward to the phone calls, video chats or any of it. My activities weren’t doing it for me anymore. What was this about?⁣⁣  Maybe I had indulged in too much sugar. Maybe I drank too little water. Or maybe I was just settling into what’s really going on.⁣⁣  Whatever it was, last week I binge watched two TV shows. I headed to bed early and got a few extra hours of sleep. I journaled and sat in silence. ⁣⁣Today, I’m soothing myself with hot water, lemon and ginger. And I’ve decided to allow myself to feel whatever I’m feeling.⁣⁣
Why do we avoid our feelings when feeling is part of life? Whenever we feel happy, sad, frustrated, or simply “over it,” it’s all part of life.⁣⁣  Today, I will allow myself to feel how I feel and won’t judge it. Won’t you join me?⁣⁣























Dorcas is a licensed therapist and a member of the One Love Choir at Oneness.


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