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“The Autumn Harvest Season” – Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers


As Fall 2022 ushers itself in, each of us is offered the same opportunity we were last year, and the years before. This offer doesn’t come to us all fancied up with pretty bows nor does it present itself like a carrot dangling before our nose; it is not earth shattering, reminiscent of our dreams come true, nor does it necessarily appear in a higher bank balance. This offer exists only on the invisible plane of causation and is heralded in by way of our own receptive consciousness. Its promise, although infinite in potential, is precisely delivered to us in accordance with our own willingness to ‘be still and know’ and open to accept and receive this Truth and all that goes with it.

Be still, in order to listen to the deeper conversation within yourself, without being distracted by judgment or desire. Be still, to develop our ability hear a simpler truth, a spiritual solution. Be still and know, by means of our own demonstrations, the undeniable presence of beauty, peace, power, joy, love and wisdom that is sourced within us right where we are.

We are the frontier through which this new world is emerging. The braver we are in releasing the beliefs we give power to which no longer serve us…feeling the feelings we fear, and taking responsibility to become self-reliant individuals, the more poised we are to expect our good, and, wait for it, RECEIVE OUR GOOD!

As co-creators of our reality, harvesting our good has three parts.

  1. Creating the harvest by planting the seeds or intention or mental/emotional equivalent of what it is we wish to sow.
  2. Nurturing the seeds by trusting that Nature knows what it is doing, and aligning our thoughts, words and actions, as if the seed of what we wish to experience is happening now – by acting ‘as if.’
  3. Saying “yes” to all the gifts (fruits sown) that show up in our lives, even from strange or unexpected places and people. Just say YES and thank you!

At this time of year, there is much to harvest, to reap and to be grateful for, and it is still a time for us, as good gardeners, to attend fall cleanup and get our hands dirty in the process! The cycle of growth is ever continuing; may it ever be a delight and a curious surprise to our senses, reminding us of just how alive we really are.

In honor of our journey together,

Dr. Nadene

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