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“Emotion and the Power of Prayer” – Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

Power of Prayer

In the Science of Mind philosophy, we learn Affirmative Prayer or Spiritual Mind Treatment and know it to be a key to greater peace and happiness.

In this way of praying, we pray to center ourselves in Divine Love and Wisdom, sourced within. We open ourselves to this sacred practice to actively align our mind with Spiritual Principle and shift limited conscious beliefs to grow a new mental atmosphere supported by feelings of conviction that Spiritual Truth is our truth.

So, what is the relationship between emotion and prayer? To begin with, all methods of Prayer are directly connected with how we well we handle emotions. Most of us have had the experience of talking to God about how we feel, often leaving us with more faith and strength, spiritually and emotionally, to take the next step towards fulfilling the need or goal in front of us.

We have also had the experience no doubt of “handling” our emotions in the easiest and quickest way by harden to them or detaching from them. It’s simply easier to avoid them than wrestling through them with God. Sometimes we give our emotions free reign, but it’s a dangerous road when our emotions are leading our lives.

When we pray with the mental and emotional conviction of Spiritual Truth as our truth, being in agreement of our own inherent wholeness, we neutralize any subconscious belief patterns that have previously created undesirable conditions.

There is a very clear statement from Dr. Holmes that is quoted widely in the New Thought Movement: “There is a Power for Good in the Universe and We Can Use It.” This is true remaining responsive and impersonal which we are always using to the level of our belief.

I know that when I feel exhausted to tears, or resistant to my good, or so anxious that my nights remain sleepless and my perception of what is possible shrinks, I can flip my switch by giving myself to the idea that there is a Power for Good in the Universe and It can Use Me!

By surrendering to my emotional state of being I can choose to listen to divine guidance and welcome in what needs to be made known, in order to more specifically inform the direction of my prayer.

Our emotions can both be diffused by Prayer and fuel the effectiveness of a Prayer, but most importantly they hold valuable information and must never be denied.

In the end, we all must decide: Will I let my emotions lead me away from God or lead me to God and impact the affirmative demonstration of my prayer? 

In honor of our shared journey,

Dr. Nadene

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